Thinking of leaving Nepal for foreign job? Here’s what you need to do to apply for permit

If you are planning to go abroad for foreign employment, labour permit is one of the essential documents.

Labour permit is issued by the Department of Foreign Employment under the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social security.

In order to obtain the labour permit (for the first-timer), you need to follow the following procedure:

  • First, go to the website of the Department of Foreign Employment and find the ‘Foreign Employment Information Management System’ section on the bottom left side of the screen, highlighted in red, and click it.
  • After doing so, a ‘Sign-in’ page will open. Now, you, as the first-timer, need to click ‘Create New User’ for new individual registration.
  • Now, you will be asked to fill up your passport number and email address. Do fill in the information and click the ‘submit’ button.
  • Soon after submission, a confirmation message appears on the screen stating a confirmation link is sent to your given email address. Now, you need to open that email and follow the provided link in order to complete the registration process.
  • In the very mail, you will be provided with a registration link. Follow that link and a page of the DoFE with a confirmation message will appear reading ‘the registration was successful and an email with your login credentials have been sent to your email address and Please click here to login’ on the screen. Now, click that ‘here’ to proceed.
  • Again, visit your email inbox and find the login credentials (username and password) provided by the DoFE.
  • Now, revisit the ‘Sign in’ page of the DoFE and fill up the asked username and password. Finally, click on the submit button.
  • After that, a dashboard will appear on the screen. And, you need to fill up the information (Basic info, personal info, bank account info, training info, academic info and more) thoroughly and upload the required documents like the demand letter (from the company of a destination country), valid visa, passport and others, and passport-size photo of yours and click on ‘Submit’ button after filling forms of every section.
  • After filling this online form thoroughly, the DoFE will send you a mail to let you know if your procedure is approved.
  • If approved, you need to make payment to the Foreign Employment Welfare Fund from any commercial bank.
  • Then, you need to take an orientation class about foreign employment. (Those attending the class need to do fingerprint attendance and the DoFE will automatically know this.)
  • After that, a medical test is to be done and the medical report is directly sent to the DoFE by the system.
  • Now, you need to buy an insurance policy, and the insurance certificate of the insurance company will be directly sent to the DoFE by them.
  • After completing each of these procedures, you are notified by the DoFE via an email.
  • After you are notified via mail by the DoFE that you have completed all these procedures, you need to visit the department in person with your original passport. And, the officials will give you labour permit and paste a sticker on your passport.

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