New law bars children from inheriting property if they abandon senior citizens

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Kathmandu, September 1

The government has implemented the first amendment to the Senior Citizens Act, 2006. Through this, the government will bar children from claiming property owned by their parents if they abandon them.

The amendment also orders the local government to take care of any senior citizens abandoned by their children or relatives. In order to do so, the local government will take over the property owned by these people and will use it for their welfare.

A senior citizen can file a written complaint at the local government authority against their children if they are not taken care of. Apart from that, the new amendment also allows other relatives and neighbours to file complaints.

In this case, the new amendment has added a provision through which the judicial committee of the municipality can give a verdict that will give the property to the person who takes care of the senior citizens.

The new amendment also states that the local government has the right to ask for money from children if they are well-off enough. But, in cases, where the children are poor, the local government has to take full responsibility.

This does not apply to people who receive pensions or have a regular source of income.

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