PM Dahal says repatriation of Nepalis in Russian army unlikely for now

Russia-Ukraine war - Russian army
Photo by Sonia Dauer on Unsplash

Kathmandu, January 21

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that even though the government has started an initiative to bring back the Nepalis who have joined the Russian army, Russia is unlikely to send them back.

Prime Minister Dahal, who returned from Uganda this morning, said efforts were in place to bring back the Nepalis who enlisted in the Russian army but its hands were tied.

Dahal said he and the Foreign Minister NP Saud are continuing diplomatic initiatives.

“We understand the Russian government is unlikely to address our concern,” he said.

During his visit to Uganda, Prime Minister Dahal informed the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia that their government should send back Nepalis who enlisted in the Russian army.

“A note has been sent to Russia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly talked about this issue with both Ukrainian and Russia officials. Even during the NAM Summit, he (Saud) met and talked with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia,” he said.

Prime Minister Dahal also urged the media to raise public awareness about the importance of not pursuing job opportunities indiscriminately.

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