Local administration imposes prohibitory order in Dharan amidst fear of communal violence

prohibitory order
District Administration Office – Sunsari

Biratnagar, August 25

Local administration in Dharan has imposed a prohibitory order in the sub-metropolitan city.

The decision was made by a meeting of the District Security Committee.

The prohibition order will be enforced starting from midnight on Saturday and will remain in effect until midnight on Sunday.

SP Prabhu Dhakal from the Sunsari District Police Office has said security has been increased at the entry points of the city. He said security has been enhanced in areas like Tarahra, Nahada, Jhanda Chowk, Panbari and Bhedetar.

This comes after news that various Hindu groups were planning protests in the city. The groups were planning a protest on Saturday after claims about a cow being slaughtered and eaten in Dharan, alongside reports of a church being built near a temple.

However, in anticipation of a potential clash between the two communities, the local administration has taken steps to enhance security at entry points to Dharan.

There are reports of a group of Hindu supporters from India coming to protest in Dharan.

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