Delve into a vibrant dimension in Pramila Giri’s ‘Through My Third Eye’

Artist Pramila Giri - Through My Third Eye
Artist Pramila Giri at her solo exhibition Through My Third Eye at Nepal Art Council, Baber Mahal.

The Nepal Art Council at Baber Mahal is currently hosting the third exhibition by the esteemed painter and sculptor, Pramila Giri. Titled ‘Through My Third Eye’, the exhibition started on September 30.

During this exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to explore eight new expansive oil colour canvases and artworks that Pramila Giri has created since 2016. Additionally, her metal sculptures are prominently displayed on both the first and top floors of the gallery.

The striking, uncomplicated yet entrancing primary colors and more will leave a lasting impression even after you leave the exhibition.

Pramila Giri stands as a prominent figure among artists of her generation in Nepal. She pursued her studies in painting and sculpture in both India and the United States, dedicating 17 years to art education in Nepal. This exhibition is evidence of that as it leaves a profound and enduring impact on your thoughts and emotions, compelling you to reflect on it even after you have left the place.

Meditative artworks in the exhibition

Paintings by artist Pramila Giri at Nepal Art Council, Baber Mahal.
Paintings by artist Pramila Giri at Nepal Art Council, Baber Mahal.

Giri takes her inspiration for her paintings and sculptures from nature, culture and her diverse life experiences in various natural and living environments. Her abstract artworks capture the beauty of life and reflection of her meditative nature.

In the exhibition, Giri has worked on three different themes—Bhairav series, light series and ocean series, which she says are her meditative artworks. Since 1988, she has been dedicatedly immersed in her Bhairav series, firmly expressing, “I will persist in working with the Bhairav series as long as I am alive.”

She was initially drawn to the energy of Bhairav, which emanates immense power and exudes a formidable presence. The powerful persona of the diety made her curious giving birth to her Bhairav series.

Furthermore, space, atmosphere, and colours play pivotal roles in Giri’s creative process.

“Through the colours red, yellow and blue, I feel connected to my homeland. These colours used in rituals remind me of being with my family in Nepal.”

Looking at the paintings you will find the vibration through her bold strokes of lines and colours. As the paintings are enormous, they might give away the vibe of a portal that has opened to get you to a different world.

You have to look at the artworks from afar to get the true essence which is the meditative effect. The harmony of colours and the use of light and shadow makes her paintings interesting.

Through her third eye

Sculptures and paintings by artist Pramila Giri in the exhibition 'Through my Third Eye' at Baber Mahal.
Sculptures and paintings by artist Pramila Giri in the exhibition ‘Through my Third Eye’ at Baber Mahal.

The title of the exhibition is apt with the artworks on display. The third eye is also known as the mind’s eye or inner eye, which is a mystical invisible eye. Likewise, her artworks are mystical and full of symbolism that defines her perception of her surroundings, her thoughts and her expressions.

“Art is life and life is all about Satyam shivam sundaram (truth, godliness and beauty) and one should enjoy life.”

All these aspects can be seen in her artworks which are non-figurative compositions based on geometric forms in vibrant hues that represent her philosophy of life.

About her artworks, Giri’s Professor, Ingrid Aall writes, “It is an art form that is not religious, yet not secular. Particularly her sculptures of Lord Bhairav, in the cycle of creation-destruction-creation, expose the inherent in the words Mica Eliade (1907-1986, Rumaninan, author and philosopher, professor University of Chicago) referencing the dynamism of male and female forces, coexisting the unity— Shacta/Shacti.”

The exhibition continues till October 20.

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