Phanindra Devkota reappointed as Gandaki Province Energy Minister

Pokhara, June 30

Phanindra Devkota, a Member of Parliament from the Nepal Socialist Party, has been reappointed as the Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Drinking Water in Gandaki Province. This follows his successful court case, which allowed him to reenter parliament.

Devkota was appointed by Gandaki Province Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey, and he has already taken the oath of office. This marks a return to his previous ministerial role.

Previously, on June 10, Devkota was appointed minister after he helped Chief Minister Pandey secure a vote of confidence, despite opposition from the Maoist party. The Maoist party, accusing Devkota of violating the party whip, decided to remove him from his position. Speaker Krishna Prasad Dhital announced Devkota’s removal on June 14, just before the budget announcement, and informed the assembly of this decision.

Following his removal, Devkota filed a petition in the Supreme Court. The court ruled in his favour, allowing him to continue working as a Provincial Assembly member. Now, with his reappointment, Devkota resumes his ministerial duties amidst a backdrop of political contention.

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