Pathao riders prepare for protest against the company

Patho riders gather at UN Park to plan a protest against the company, in Kathmandu, on Monday, December 21, 2020.

Kathmandu, December 21

A group of bikers providing ride-sharing service to the public on behalf of Pathao has started preparations to launch a protest against the company.

They are launching the protest demanding that the company reduce the commission rate and fines they need to pay for defying the company rules and insure the motorbike and riders.

Currently, the company requires them to pay 20 per cent of the fare to the company as a commission. Likewise, the company suspends the riders upon receiving a complaint from the service recipients and fines them more than Rs 1,100 to lift the suspension. The riders want the commission rate to come down to eight per cent.

Besides reducing the fine, the company should ask the riders also before suspending them, they demand.

They gathered at UN Park of Lalitpur on Monday to discuss the protest plan.

“Yes, Pathao has given us an option to make living, but these issues are not in favour of workers,” a rider says.

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