New law will bar civil servants from criticising govt

File: A protest programme of government staff

Kathmandu, February 11

The government is preparing to impose a restriction on the freedom of expression of civil servants as the draft of a new government employment law states that government staff should not criticise the government.

The restriction will continue throughout life, even after their retirement. As per the proposed provision, they cannot criticse the government through mass media or on social media.

In the case of violation, the former staff can be barred from pension and other facilities provided by the state.

It argues that criticism of the government may jeopardise the relationships between the state and its people and between the country and other countries.

Further, the law will also bar the retired civil servants from making public the information they received as a part of their job. This provision is likely to affect former bureaucrats who are planning to write autobiographies divulging crucial information.

The law draft claims the stricter provisions will make the civil servants disciplined, responsible and loyal to the government.

It mentions that government staff and their families have to acquire consent of the authority to receive gifts and loans.

TheĀ  bill on the federal civil service is yet to be endorsed by Parliament.

Published on February 11th, Monday, 2019 2:12 PM

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