NEPSE: Stock markets rose in double digits, remains at 1984 points


Kathmandu, April 21

The stock market rose in double digits on Sunday. NEPSE increased by 12.29 points compared to the previous trading day. After that increase, NEPSE has remained at 1984 points. A total of Rs 2.26 billion worth of securities were traded. A total of 176 companies increased in value, 63 decreased while six remained stable.

While the overall market increased, the index of the banking group decreased by 3.56 points. The group’s index remained in the red on Sunday after the third quarter financial report released by the banks on Friday was weak in terms of investment.

Sectors like Development Bank increased by 41, Finance 10, Hotel and Tourism 15, Hydropower 27, Life Insurance 41, Product 123, Microfinance 31, Life Insurance 96, Others 15 and Business Group 5 points.

The price of Dolti Power increased by 9.8 per cent. The price of NIC Asia Laguvitta increased by 8.4 per cent, Ruru Hydropower by 8.1 per cent, Aparhewakhola by 7.2 per cent, and Sarvottam Cement by 6.5. The price of People’s Power fell by 7.4 per cent, Khanikhola Hydro by 5.4 per cent, Suryajyoti Life Insurance by 4.9 per cent, Gurans Microfinance by 4.6 per cent and Gorkha’s Finance by 4 per cent.

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