NEPSE: Stock market increased yet the turnover decreased


Kathmandu, May 27

On Monday, the stock market index NEPSE increased by 3.93 points compared to the previous day. After that increase, NEPSE reached 2113 points. The turnover has decreased. The previous day’s turnover was Rs 4.44 billion, today it was Rs 3.89 billion.

As the price of 149 companies increased, 90 decreased, while 8 remained stable. The investment group grew the most at 1.8 per cent. Development Bank by 26, Finance by 29, Hydropower by 6, Life Insurance by 41, Manufacturing by 50, and Microfinance by 19 points. Banking decreased by 8 points, hotel and tourism by 26 and the non-life insurance group decreased by 24 points.

The prices of Muktinath Agricultural Company and Nepal Warehousing Company increased by 10 per cent. The value of Kalinchok Darshan increased by 9.7 per cent, Pokhara Finance by 8.4 per cent, Nepal Republic Media by 6 per cent, Global IME Microfinance by 6 per cent, and Hathaway Investment by 5.3 per cent. The price of Buddhabhumi hydropower has decreased by 10 per cent.

Based on turnover, Nepal Republic Media, CEDB Hydropower, Pokhara Finance, Hathaway Investment Company and Kalinchok Darshan were ahead respectively.

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