NEPSE: Rs 5.18 billion turnover even in declining stock market


Kathmandu, June 9

On Sunday, the first day of the week, the NEPSE stock market index decreased by 4.59 points, closing at 2073 points. Despite the decline in the index, market turnover saw a significant increase from the previous day’s Rs 4.38 billion to Rs 5.18 billion.

Out of the traded companies, 97 saw their prices rise, 144 experienced a decrease, and 3 remained unchanged. The Hotels and Tourism sector led the gains with a 2.92 per cent (155 points) increase. Other sectors also saw improvements: the Production sector rose by 33 points, the Hydropower sector by 24 points, and the “Others” sector by 0.14 points.

Conversely, the Business sector faced the steepest decline, dropping by 1.54 per cent (47 points). Other sectors that declined include Banking (10 points), Development Bank (24 points), Finance (19 points), Life Insurance (69 points), Microfinance (51 points), and Non-Life Insurance (48 points).

Notably, the prices of five companies—Eastern Hydropower, Shubham Power, City Hotel, Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower, and Bhagwati Hydropower—increased by 10 per cent. Samling Power’s price rose by 9.2 per cent, Sayapatri Hydropower by 8.9 per cent, Janaki Finance by 8.2 per cent, United Idi Mardi by 7.9 per cent, and Mountain Hydro Nepal by 7.4 per cent.

In terms of transaction volume, NRN Infrastructure, CEDB Hydropower, City Hotel, Pokhara Finance, and Hathaway Investment Company led the market.

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