NEPSE: Market continues to fall finishing at 1960

Share market - nepse
Representational image by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Kathmandu, March 3

On Sunday, the NEPSE index declined 11.78 points finished at 1960.30 points.

The market witnessed fluctuations throughout the day reaching as low as 1947 and as high as 1974.

The total turnover for the day amounted to Rs 2.08 billion, slightly lower than the Rs 2.59 billion traded on Thursday. Among the listed companies, 67 saw an increase in value, while 173 experienced a decrease, with 8 remaining stable.

Notably, when the indicators of two groups, namely Hotels and Tourism, and Manufacturing, increased, all other groups witnessed a decline.

Hotels and Tourism saw a rise of 0.54 per cent, while the Manufacturing group increased by 0.66 per cent. Conversely, the Business group experienced the most significant decrease, dropping by 2.52 per cent.

Banking saw a decline of 6 points, while Development Bank shares fell by 17 points. The Finance experienced a decrease of 13 points, Hydropower stocks dropped by 20 points, Life Insurance shares witnessed a significant decline of 91 points, Microfinance sector experienced a decrease of 18 points, and Other sectors observed a decline of 17 points. Additionally, the Trading decreased by 71 points.

However, the Hotel and Production groups saw an increase of 27 and 44 points, respectively.

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