NEPSE Index rises by 27.54 points, reaches 2092


Kathmandu, May 20

On Monday, the NEPSE index of the stock market increased by 27.54 points, bringing NEPSE to 2092 points. During afternoon trading, the market reached 2121 points at 12:23 pm before stabilizing slightly. The transaction amount was also significant, rising from Rs 5.25 billion the previous day to Rs 5.85 billion today.

A total of 135 companies increased in value, 107 decreased, and 4 remained stable. On this day, the contribution of the banking group to market growth was substantial. Due to its high capitalisation, this group has more influence on NEPSE. The banking index rose the most, by 4.18 per cent.

Similarly, the trade sector increased by 2.23 per cent, others by 0.52 per cent, investment by 1.84 per cent, hydropower by 1.38 per cent, hotel and tourism by 0.39 per cent, and the development bank sector by 0.42 per cent. Conversely, the finance sector decreased by 0.57 per cent, life insurance by 0.08 per cent, products by 0.52 per cent, microfinance by 0.65 per cent, and the non-life insurance group by 0.50 per cent.

Community Microfinance, Buddhabhumi Hydropower, Bhagwati Hydropower, and Nerude Mirmire Microfinance increased by 10 per cent. The prices of Barahi Hydropower and NIC Asia Bank increased by 9 per cent. The price of Maikhola increased by 8.2 per cent, and Chyangdi Hydro by 7.3 per cent.

The value of Upkar Microfinance decreased by 7.4 per cent, Creative Microfinance by 6.3 per cent, Mankamana Smart Microfinance by 5.7 per cent, Unique Nepal Microfinance by 5.6 per cent, and Narayani Development Bank by 5.5 per cent.

CEDB Hydropower, Pokhara Finance, Sign Resunga Development Bank, First Microfinance, and NIC Asia Bank were ahead in terms of the transaction amount.

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