Nepalis visiting a Gulf country or Thailand needs only USD 250 at least

Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Pxfuel
Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Pxfuel

Kathmandu, September 30

Nepalis visiting a Gulf country, a SAARC member state, Malaysia or Thailand needs only USD 250 to carry with them to leave the country on a visit visa.

Previously, one would exchange at least USD 500 to visit one of these countries.

A ministerial decision on Wednesday lowered the requirement of the money one needs to exchange for a foreign trip, informs Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, the director-general of the Department of Immigration.

“If they have a letter that shows there are sponsors, that money is not necessary,” he says.

Meanwhile, those visiting Japan, South Korea, or any country in Europe and North America need to exchange at least USD 500 to carry with them, according to Bhattarai.

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