Nepalis appeal to China to support Nepal in Covid-19 response

Kathmandu, May 13

A group of professionals and activists has appealed to China to support Nepal in its Covid-19 response as the country is struggling hard to respond to the patients’ need with a surge in the cases.

Issuing an appeal, 93 professionals and activities on Wednesday said, “We are left with no option but to lay our hopes on the kind support of our neighbours and friends at this crucial junction. We would thus humbly request her excellency Ambassador Hou Yanqi to convey our appeal and expedite any and all support to Nepal from the People’s Republic of China.”

In the appeal, the group that includes journalists, NGO workers, right activists, and film workers say China could support Nepal by providing vaccines, oxygen cylinders, and surgical equipment such as PPE sets and test kits.

“As the first country to successfully bring this deadly virus under control, your experience and resources have been crucial. As such, we would appreciate any emergency medical team support that you can extend to Nepal to assist our Nepali frontline workers on the ground in this fight against the pandemic,” they add.

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