Nepali embassy in Israel requested Nepalis there to stay in their homes

Kathmandu, April 14

The Nepali Embassy in Israel has requested the Nepalis there to follow local security protocols and not to leave their homes except in urgent cases.

Since Sunday morning, the Nepali Embassy has issued a public notice and asked them to pay attention to their security after Iran launched a drone attack on Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

The Israeli Home Front Command has issued new instructions for the general public in light of the Iranian attack on Israel. The embassy said in a statement, “For the necessary safety, we sincerely request our Nepali brothers and sisters to follow the local safety protocols, to be aware of the updated information issued for their area and to pay special attention to their safety, not to leave the house except in an emergency and to stay in the vicinity of the place with the facility of safe shelter.”

If there is any problem with the information, the Embassy has also requested to contact Second Secretary Kumar Bahadur Shrestha at 0528289300 and Assistant Sanjay Kumar Sah at 0545582077. Earlier, when Palestinian rebel organisation Hamas attacked Israel, 10 Nepalis were killed and one person is missing.

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