Nepali chef convicted of murder in Australia

Sydney, May 25

A Nepali national has been convicted in a murder case in Australia.

Hari Prasad Dhakal (51), who has been working as a chef at Ballarat Curry Restaurant in Victoria, was accused of stabbing one Abdullah Siddiqui on October 25, 2016, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Dhakal’s lawyer, Thio Alexzander, told the paper that the incident was not pre-planned and happened for self-defence. “On the incident night, Siddiqui had traied to attack Dhakal from behind and the incident happened when he used the weapon for self defence.”

After the incident, Dhakal wrapped the knife with a cloth piece and reached a local police station to surrender.

Dhakal had been going through too many frustrating situations. His application for visa renewal was also rejected by the government, added Alexzander.

The prosecution, however, has accused Dhakal of killing Siddiqui after the latter had shouted at the chef using vulgar words in an intoxicate state.

Dhakal too has said that the whole incident was not his fault and he had no intension of killing Siddiqui.

He has been sentenced jail term from June 1 and will be sent to Nepal after completing the punishment.


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