Pet-keeping is popular in urban Nepal. Here are tips to take care of them

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Keeping pets is growing popular among the urban population in Nepal as they are a fun and rewarding addition to your family. They are always around you, listening to you, and reacting to your actions. But, with this comes big responsibility. Taking good care of your pet requires your time, care as well as money.

But, do not worry, it is not that strenuous task if you follow the right way. Here are some of the tips that you can follow in order to take proper care of your loving pet and keep it happy, healthy and vigorous:

1. Give comfortable shelter

A dog house. Photo: Pixabay

When you bring home your pets, make sure to arrange a comfortable shelter or home for them. You can also build a comfy shelter on your own or also can buy one from a pet shop. The shelter should be spacious. Also, keep in mind to train them to lay in their house whenever they want to sleep. 

Also, equip their shelter properly so that they can sleep or relax there comfortably. Keep their shelter free of germs and bacteria.

2. Ensure proper diet

Dog food. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You must have realised that animals or pets are mostly around those people who provide them with food. Feeding them is equal to loving and caring for them. Therefore, make sure you love your pet enough and appropriately by feeding them with a diet that includes all the nutrients and minerals that their body needs. 

Meanwhile, do not overfeed them or feed them your (human) food because what you eat might be inappropriate for them. Also, take account of food that your pet is allergic to. As per the recommendation of the vets, provide your pet with healthy food sources and in the proper portion and time.

3. Arrange timely vaccinations


Vaccinating your pet on time is a must in order to avoid any preventable serious health problems, be it infections or allergies. Always make sure to have your pet vaccinated timely. Besides, there are also many preventative medications that you can give to your pets on the recommendation of your veterinarian.

For this, contact your veterinarian and schedule the vaccinations.

4. Walk outside home

Photo: SnappyGoat.com

Do not confine your pets to the boundaries of their kennel and your house only. Show them the world outside your home; take them for a walk daily.  This will allow your pet to have ample opportunity to exercise and know the surroundings and gel with it.

This is also an opportunity for pet owners to train their pets properly on how to behave with other beings. This will refresh your pets.

5. Visit vets regularly

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Pets, like humans, also require regular check-ups to diagnose any health problems. It is very significant to keep note of the growth of your pets. Besides, during your first visit to vets, ask about the dietary and medical requirements of your pets. At the same time, also schedule check-ups and vaccinations

Also, when your pets act differently from their normal behaviour, visit the vets immediately.

6. Groom

Photo: Flickr

Keep your pets groomed and clean. This will add up to your, as well as your pets’, health. Bath your pets regularly, brush their fur, scrub their scales, trim their nails, clean living space and shelter every few days in order to keep them away from any kind of germs, bacterias and allergies.

For grooming, you need to have all the necessary things such as shampoo, soap, brushes and all.

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