8 tips to excel in online job search and application as it’s popular in Nepal

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Online job portals have been very popular these days in Nepal. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the job application process has been easier than it was before. There are many websites and mobile applications that you can go through and search for the job you are looking for. Even most of the reputed companies these days are listing their job vacancies on these websites.

If you are spending your time searching for jobs, these tips can help you sort out your requirement and increase the possibility of the jobs that you are seeking and suitable for.

1. Know what you want

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Instead of just jumping on whatever is in front of you, identify what kind of career you want. This is very important for the newcomers and also for those who are seeking a change in career. You can consult with your lecturers, family, former coworkers, or anyone you know who is involved in any organization of your interest. This can help you determine the pros and cons of the job you are looking for and you can determine if the job is for you or not.

2. Plan properly

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Indulging yourself on job portals without a proper plan is not recommended. It can be time-consuming and you might get stuck between the choices. Needless to say, proper planning ahead can make your job search efficient. Organize yourself and make a schedule, dedicate a proper amount of time, and focus on what you are looking for. Make everything from your side ready. Make your CVs and cover letters ready and make sure there are no errors in them.

3. Choose job sites carefully

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There are hundreds or more job sites that post online job vacancies. A little research can help you find reliable job portals. Job portals like Merojob, JobsNepal, and Growth Sellers have been around for quite a time now and can be considered more reliable.

A reliable job portal can help you connect with the right persons and organizations. It will not only help you find the job you are looking for but also suggests jobs similar to your interest if you provide the right information about yourself there.

4. Customise your CV

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This is the most common mistake everyone makes while applying for a job. People usually send the same CV to all the employers without giving much attention to what they are looking for. But, you need to make sure to adapt your resume to each job application.

Make sure you read the job description and add why you are a fit for the given job. Add your skills, achievements, and experience that are associated with the job. Make the templates of your CV and cover letter ready so that you can personalize them according to your employer. The section that includes your education and contact information remains the same, but you can customize your abilities and past experiences according to the job you are applying for.

5. Update your LinkedIn account

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A huge majority of recruiters are using LinkedIn these days. It can be a great opportunity for you to be in contact with them directly. Make sure to connect with the people of the fields you are interested in. Keep updating your LinkedIn account like you update other social sites. Sync your CV and LinkedIn profile accordingly. Your profile can grab the attention of the recruiters and also you can know about the vacancies firsthand from the recruiters themselves if you are connected with them.

6. Use apps and set up email job alerts

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Almost every job portal has a mobile application or a way to get you connected with them. You have the option to choose a specific type of job and set alerts for jobs similar to them. Make sure you set a job alert system on those job portals or applications. This will alert you about the jobs that you are interested in, even if you have missed them by accident.

7. Connect with your network

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Your network can be useful during your job hunting process. You should let people know you are available. If you have a good relationship with people in your network, they will surely help you connect with the recruiters and even recommend you for the job. Engage yourself by commenting on the post which is relevant to your sectors. This can make you notice among your network. So it is essential to build a strong social and professional network that can help and guide you to uplift your career.

8. Equip yourself

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Whether you are unemployed or are in a temporary job, equipping yourself with skills always comes in handy. Run some research on the work you like and identify the skill sets required for the job and scan yourself. Spend time on acquiring the skills you need for that job. The more skills you have for the job, the more likely you are to get it.

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