Nepal hopes to export hydrogen fuel to Europe within a decade

This chart shows the production process of hydrogen fuel.

Kathmandu, February 4

Researchers studying the possibility of producing hydrogen fuel in Nepal say the country has a potential of exporting this fuel to Europe within a decade.

The government-run fuel distribution monopoly Nepal Oil Corporation has partnered with the Kathmandu University for the study. As the study has formally begun, the team members say they are hopeful of some good results.

Biraj Singh Thapa, an academician of the KU Green Hydrogen Lab, who is leading the study, says if the country can produce hydrogen fuel as expected, it can also save millions of rupees that it spends on fossil fuel every year.

“There is a possibility of meeting the demand for fuel completely by utilising the electricity that would otherwise go to waste,” he says, “We see Nepal can achieve prosperity by selling this clean energy as its demand is high in the world.”

As using this form of fuel does not emit smoke, it is considered green energy. Hence, developed countries have prioritised it to replace the use of diesel, petrol, and petroleum gas, according to experts. Many countries have already announced to stop using fossil fuels considering its impact on the environment. Hence, the market for hydrogen fuel is believed to be lucrative.

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Nabin Dhungana is a business correspondent at Onlinekhabar.

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