Nepal’s 7 best Clubhouse clubs you should join


Just released over a year ago, Clubhouse has been one of the most prominent social audio apps that have been trending globally. It is a voice-only app that allows users to drop in and out of rooms that are created by other users to explore.

To use this app, one has to get an invitation from an existing user or you have to request them to join the clubhouse. This is a great place to have a conversation, share the stories with like-minded people as you can join the rooms that you can relate to or are interested in. This app has been a great way for improving your communication skill as well as a medium to share your stories and improve your professional links.

Of late, Nepalis are pretty much hooked up with this app as well. Today, we are providing you with a list of some of the best Clubhouse clubs of Nepal that you should join to follow discussions in its several rooms as they are scheduled.

1. Nepse Discussion Forum

The share market has been one of the most trending topics for discussion during the lockdown days and if you are one of them, the Nepse Discussion Forum can be very useful to you. Over 17,500 members of this club (group) discuss Nepal’s capital market and current affairs. In the group, you hear from the expertise of this field which can be very helpful if you are planning to become one of the investors in the share market.

2. Nepalese in Tech

Nepalese in Tech is a community of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and developers in Nepal. This is a great club for startups to build and extend their network. It hosts different discussions (rooms) relating to the technological field and the discussion is held by the emerging entrepreneurs of Nepal and the expertise of this particular field. It schedules its rooms that can be seen on its profile page. The topics for discussions differ every time and experts around the globe are also invited to share their ideas and experience.

3. Entrepreneurship in Nepal  

Entrepreneurship in Nepal is another great club you should join on Clubhouse. You can find many aspiring entrepreneurs of Nepal in this group. Through this group, they share their journeys and experiences and discuss the ways to solve the problems entrepreneurs are facing in Nepal. Entrepreneurs and experts related to every field can be seen here.

4. Traveling Nepal

Traveling Nepal is a group for those who love photography, travelling and discussion on climates. This is a great place to share your travel stories and listen to other people’s stories as well. This can be very beneficial to those who want to travel around Nepal. You can ask your queries about the places you want to visit, to those people who have visited them earlier and be prepared for the situation you might face later. Different people can visit the same place, but in a different period or in a different season, and by hearing their experiences and stories, you can know when and how to go to the places you wanted to visit.

5. Virtual Chiya Pasal

A chiya pasal (teashop) is a place which most of you find very relevant to talk about different ongoing topics in the country and the world. You talk about literally anything while sipping tea from your cup. Virtual Chiya Pasal on Clubhouse is no different. This is a group where the people that have first-hand knowledge and experience of Nepal in different fields share and discuss various topics like history, economics, politics, geo-politics, education and science.

6. 90’s Kid Club

90’s Kid Club is a fun club that hosts a bunch of games and entertains you in various ways. This is one of the most active Nepali groups on Clubhouse and the participation is also very huge here. Specially made for the people born during the 90s, people here share their childhood stories and how they are comparable to the kids today. Sharing favourite TV programmes, candies that used to be popular back then, games they used to play and sharing about different personal experiences during that time have attracted a lot of people to this group. People born in the 90s can literally connect themselves with most of the people of this group as they have almost similar experiences.

7. Nepali Kurakani

Nepali Kurakani is said to be the first Nepali club on Clubhouse. There are over 76,000 followers of this group, and they host a room almost every day. The topics for discussion are not limited to anything here. The topic can be anything, from social issues to fun games or books, culture or mental health. If you are interested, you can also schedule a specific room whereas you can know about the upcoming events about the group on its social media pages.

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