NEA gives 15 days to pay outstanding bills

Kathmandu, August 24

The Nepal Electricity Authority has given 15 days for consumers who have to pay outstanding bills, warning it will cut off power lines upon failure to meet the deadline.

The Authority issued a public notice yesterday calling the subscribers who have failed to pay the dues till 60 days after the metre reading to pay the bills within next two weeks.

Earlier, on Tuesday, Minister for Energy had directed the Authority to collect the dues at the earliest.

The Ministry had also sent a letter to the Authority to take action against the consumers failing to pay the dues after giving them a warning with a deadline. The Authority’s Managing Director Kulman Ghising says collecting outstanding dues is his top priority.

The Authority says it is yet to collect Rs 11 billion from such consumers. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City itself is yet to pay more than Rs 3.6 billion.

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