Insufficient import from India affects the power supply to industries again

Nepal and Bangladesh - Electricity transmission line electricity production export electricity
Representational image: Electricity transmission line

Kathmandu, April 27

Once again, the insufficient import from India has affected the power supply to industries yet again.

The Nepal Electricity Authority says it has been unable to supply electricity to the industries during nighttime as it has not been able to increase the amount of electricity to be imported from India whereas the domestic production has decreased due to a lack of rains.

The authority‘s Managing Director Kul Man Ghising says the problem is credited to the power crisis in India. In India’s energy exchange market, there is a daily demand of 45,000 megawatts of power supply, but it has been able to provide around 10,000 megawatts only, he informs. 

“In this situation, even if we quote the highest price, we cannot get sufficient electricity,” he says, “If you propose buying 500 megawatts, you will get 100 megawatts.”

Ghising says the ongoing Indian Premier League has increased energy consumption in India, further fuelling the crisis. 

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