Lalitpur to ban sidewalk business on Mangalbazar-Lagankhel road from December 10

sidewalk business

Lalitpur, December 6

Lalitpur Metropolitan City is set to ban sidewalk business from Mangalbazar to Lagankhel.

Lalitpur City Police Chief Sitaram Hachhethu has announced that starting December 10, vendors will no longer be permitted to sell goods on the sidewalk in this area.

Hachhethu said the decision was made due to overcrowding of the roads which has made it difficult for commuters around the area.

“Over 300 people have started to do business there compared to 50 before. That has made it hard for people to commute on the road. Most of them have come from Kathmandu after the city banned sidewalk business and street vendors,” said Hachhethu.

Hachhethu further mentioned that traders conducting business with shutters along the Mangalbazar -Lagankhel road were taking up to Rs 20,000 per month to allow traders to sell things in front of the shops on the sidewalk.

“We had to stop this malpractice,” said Hachhethu.

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