Krishna KC: Getting to know a karmayogi through his autobiography

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While I was going through the incredible journey of author Krishna KC expressed in his autobiographical narration, I was wondering how a simple man from the mountains of Nepal could be so much invincible and outstanding throughout his international career. No doubt, many developmental workers from Nepal and elsewhere have served in positions equivalent to KC, but the paths and milestones created by him are incomparable and his efforts are worth saluting. His book, The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism, is an honest testimonial that how the author KC went beyond office hours to serve the needy and poor people in about two dozen countries.

What is unique and astonishing about Krishna KC is that he worked (sometimes 18 hours per day or even more) and those were done like children’s play. His work is like that of a karmayogi, who relishes his work and gets the bliss. His selfless desire to help humanity and untiring efforts really developed paths and foundations for literacy and education worldwide.

The beginning of his life

This fairy-tell voyage of Krishna KC started in a small mountain village in Nepal, where he was born and brought up. As a child, he used to help his parents with household chores and used to study late at night by burning the traditional kerosene lamp, when others were fast asleep. His enduring stamina was trained and developed from right there.

Those late-night studies and whole-day muscular work built him into a hardcore worker, and later, he worked fully in the daytime and spent his night in monitoring adult education as well as creating neo-literacy materials for 200 adult education classes (non-formal education). He spent sleepless nights, not for the money; his inner desire was to help the downtrodden and the needy. Actually, he never went about calculating his time and financial benefits. He even left a high-profile job with a handsome salary, just because his inner vision to help and educate in a prolific way was not addressed on time.

Krishna KC’s risk-taking and timing of the activities seem magical. His mother once said, “Chew the roasted corn when you still have teeth.” That sentence went like a bullet into his heart; he immediately packed up his luggage and secretly left the village for the capital city of Kathmandu for further studies.

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In Kathmandu, he struggled a lot. Still, he never gave up. Thanks to his destiny, he got a scholarship from both Tribhuvan University and United Mission to Nepal. He chose the second one and also got a job with the same organisation after completing his bachelor’s degree, as a non-formal education coordinator. His mother’s motivation and the District Education office’s plan to transfer him to a remote place became a turning point that put him on the highway of an international developmental career. He left a secured government teacher’s job to further study and invest in himself.

Life-long learning

Throughout his life, Krishna KC learned, trained and educated himself, which paid off him in abundance.

Step by step, he climbed the ladder of an international developmental career. He was doing great in one INGO, ReddBarna, but when his inner principle was compromised, he left that job and stayed jobless for a while. Then, surprisingly he was asked by Save the Children Regional Office (SARO) to apply for a job. It was a very high-paying job, but he had to look after six countries.

But, something else was also unfolding. Krishna KC had applied for the scholarship at the Asian Institute of Management three years ago and had forgotten about it. Suddenly, he got the scholarship after eight months of the new job. He was in a dilemma about which to choose.

Many tried to stop him, even his father, but he was adamant. The long lecture hours, the hectic schedules of assignments and the long studies made him stronger.

Before he completed the master’s degree, Krishna KC was invited for a job interview at Oxfam UK/I. He finally managed to travel to London and take that interview and got the job. But, the pending assignments (to compensate for the absent classes) were so lengthy that during the whole journey back to the Philippines, he did only assignments. No rest, no sleeping!

The most interesting and heroic part of the book is when he helped the rebels’ children in Sudan who were badly hit by the war. He somehow managed to transport the medicines, plumy nuts and high nutrients biscuits to the children of rebels, despite the stoppage by the army battalion. His creativity and instantaneous decision-making saved the lives of thousands of children of rebels who were starving, malnourished and mutilated by the war.

A worth-reading book

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There are numerous accounts in Krishna KC’s book about the valiant events that occurred throughout his career. He always stepped one step further, beyond his official responsibility to help humanity. That is really praiseworthy!

So, this book is a complex amalgamation of the personal as well as professional life of Krishna KC, where he motivates not only youth but everyone. There is something that everyone can learn from this sincere account of the autobiographical chronicle.

All those hard work, examples of calculated risk-taking, passion to support the needy population, and diplomatic skills to manage huge bureaucracies inspire and encourage aspiring people to serve humanity. Practical insights given in the book show examples of how to serve the target populations as much as possible. This book can be a road map for students who want to pursue any kind of international career.

Krishna KC’s book could have been even better if the facts mentioned in the books came up with the emotional touch of the writer. The feelings of the author could have added flavour to the book. But, due to a lack of that, the book has become like a dry textbook. Those hard struggles and moments of humiliation are not expressed directly in the book.

Yet, the book has a fire to ignite not only aspiring students but people from all walks of life!

All through his life, Krishna KC’s strong determination, drive for results, right timing, calculated risk-taking, passion to support the needy, diplomatic skills, inner vision and faith in oneself are the major factors that led him to the acme of success and satisfaction. I am really impressed and enthused by this book and suggest you too to read it to get some slice of inspiration and know that life has no limits to those who evolve!

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