Koshi water level rises to an alarming level as all 56 gates of the barrage are opened

Koshi Barrage - koshi flood
File: Koshi Barrage

Kathmandu, August 14

Water in the Saptakoshi river has reached an alarming level due to the continuous rainfall in the hilly and mountainous regions of Koshi Province.

DSP of the District Police Office, Saptari, Naresh Kumar Singh, informed all 56 gates of the Koshi barrage have been kept open to ensure settlements around the river are not flooded.

Informing that a red light has been issued to mark danger in the barrage, he said the water current was measured at 462,000 cu sec in the river at 4 am this morning.

The local administration has urged the residents near the river basins to adopt safety measures with the rise in the water current in the Saptakoshi.

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