Kickboxer Abiral Ghimire continues to shine in Japan

Abiral Ghimire
Abiral Ghimire with his team. Photo: Abiral Ghimire

Kathmandu, August 20

Abiral Ghimire, an accomplished international kickboxer originally from Nepal, has won the title of ‘Professional Kick Boxing HEAT 52 Championship’ held in Tokyo of Japan.

Ghimire who is known as a ‘Himalayan Cheetah’ defeated his rival Chang On Yang from South Korea in one minute and 55 seconds to win the title.

Ghimire is the first Nepali to compete in the tournament. This is the third defence of his title.

The 23-year-old boxer is engaged in professional kickboxing in Japan and has already won 13 HEAT Championship titles.

He has already exhibited his exceptional prowess to secure a victory against boxers from Japan, Brazil, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Thailand and more.

In Japan, he is being coached by his father, Dev Ghimire, who is himself a former international kick-boxer and full-contact karate player.

The Ghimire family, originally the resident of Gurjudhara of Chandragiri municipality-12, Kathmandu has been residing in Nagoya of Japan for the past few years.

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