How to save bike/scooter fuel as much as you can in Nepal? Here are 8 tips

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Your bike/scooter probably consumes more fuel than it is marketed. There can be several reasons why.

In a populated city like Kathmandu, when there is a constant need to stop and start your bike, you might get mileage way below expectation. As the price of fuel keeps on increasing, you should try to save fuel as much as possible. You might not believe it, but you can make the most of your fuel in your bike if you follow some tips that we are providing you today.  

1. Ensure proper maintenance and service

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Proper maintenance and timely service is the key to keep the performance of your bike in an optimum condition. With proper maintenance and timely servicing, the bike gets the required lubrication to function without any stress and it improves the fuel efficiency of your bike.

2. Drive at a steady speed

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Driving at a steady speed always results in the efficiency of fuel consumption. Sudden and frequent change in the speed can put more pressure on the engine, and it results in more fuel consumption from the vehicle. In some vehicles, there are even indicators that show you the best riding speed that allows you to save your fuel or make the best use of it.

3. Maintain the right tyre pressure

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Maintaining the tyre pressure at recommended levels also helps increase the mileage of your vehicle. Before taking it for a ride, it is highly recommended you check if the tyre pressure of your vehicle is properly maintained. Also, the tyre pressure of your vehicle may fluctuate according to the weight and also the load you carry. Going through the manufacturer’s handbook gives you proper guidance. Maintaining correct tyre pressure not only increases fuel efficiency but also increases the life of your vehicle.

4. Turn off the ignition

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People often tend to leave the engine running unnecessarily during traffic congestions. Before you can go to your destination, there is a fixed amount of time when you need to wait and let others go. The practice of turning off the ignition must be done. It can be very beneficial for you in the long run. Since almost every bike and scooter comes with a self-start button and the engines that do not need a warm-up these days, turning off the ignition in such a situation should not be a problem. This can help in reducing the waste of fuel.

5. Use gears properly

The use of proper gears avoids the stressing-out of your vehicle’s engine. If you have a proper sense of gearing, it can help run your bike’s engine comfortably and can significantly increase the mileage of your bike. You should know that the higher the speed, the higher is the fuel consumption. Proper gearing at a proper speed should always be practised. Also running the engine in the first gear for a long time should be avoided as it will increase the pressure in the engine which ultimately will consume more fuel.

6. Avoid excessive use of clutch

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This is a common mistake a lot of people do while riding. The excessive use of the clutch should be avoided as much as possible. A lot of people tend to overuse the clutch. This can lead to the consumption of fuel way more than needed. Even in the busiest traffic, the overuse of the clutch can be avoided using appropriate gears. Avoiding this can help you save a lot of fuel as well as increase the life of the clutchplate of the vehicle.

7. Use quality engine oil

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Using good quality and more refined engine oil will not only add to the life of your vehicle’s engine but will also provide better fuel efficiency. The price for this kind of fuel may be a bit expensive, but it surely is worth spending for the benefits it returns.

8. Ride sensibly

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This is probably the most important part; a sudden change in acceleration and sudden braking can affect your vehicle’s performance. This practice should be avoided as it is harmful not only for the vehicle but for the riders and others around the riders as well. It causes a lot of fuel consumption and is equally dangerous in terms of safety. Throttling softly and riding at a constant speed always benefits the vehicle as well as the rider.

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