Higher growth in microfinance group though stock market declines


Kathmandu, April 2

On the third trading day of the week, the stock market still could not rise. The NEPSE index has remained at 2010 with a decrease of 1.85 points compared to the previous day. A total of Rs 2.29 billion was traded. Earlier, there was a turnover of Rs 2.79 billion.

While the price of 109 companies increased, 127 decreased while eight remained stable. Despite the decline in the market, the microfinance group increased by 1.89 per cent (72 points).

Even among the companies whose prices increased at a high rate on Tuesday, microfinance remained ahead. Apart from microfinance, business eight, life insurance 19 and finance group increased by 0.74 points. Banking two, development bank six, hotel and tourism 29, hydropower 19, manufacturing 23, non-life insurance 18 and other groups decreased by nine points.

The prices of Guras Microfinance and Ganpati Microfinance increased by 10 per cent. Likewise, the price of Upakar increased by 8.6, Win Nepal by 6.9 and Swabhiman Laghubitha increased by 6.5 percent. The price of Manakamana Engineering decreased by 5.2 per cent, Taragaon Regency by 4.9 per cent, Mayakhola Hydropower by 4.2 per cent and Chirkhwa Hydropower by 4.1 per cent.

Based on the transaction amount, Gorkha’s Finance, Sarwottam Cement, Taragaon Regency, Suryajyoti Life Insurance and Shivam Cement were ahead respectively.

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