Here are five benefits of new social security programme, as explained by Minister Bista

File: Gokarna Bista

Kathmandu, November 27

The government is launching a much ambitious contribution-based social security programme amidst a special function in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Whereas the government published jacket ads announcing the programme in almost all broadsheets today, the programme has been hyped through other means as well.

But, what benefits do the workers get from the programme?

Here’s what Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista has to explain:


Lifelong pension to everyone

Once this programme comes into effect, everyone will get pension based on their contribution once they cross the age of 60. Then, every workers feels secured. They work hard during their youth and enjoy the pension in old age.


Dependents on benefit

When workers of nongovernment and private sectors die due to different reasons, the families dependent on them do not get any benefit till today. But, now onwards, they will get various facilities like what we have seen in Indian or British army.


Support in case of disability

Sometimes workers get injured or become unable to work after various accidents while on duty. Such workers will get benefits from the state throughout life once this programme comes into effect. The idea is everyone has the right to life even if they are unable to work.


Implementation of minimum wage

Despite other legal provisions, the minimum wage scale has not been implemented in many places till today. Now, as they are entitled to pension and other social security benefits, the workers can put pressure on their employers to implement the minimum wage. The employers will be forced to follow provisions of this programme.


Closure of businesses upon failure to pay

If the employers fail to pay the minimum wage and breached other labour laws, the government will keep a record of them. They will be barred from registration and renewal. It will also benefit the workers.

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