Govt’s double standard keeps Nepal’s mountaineering industry at stake

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Kathmandu, February 15

The government of Nepal has been accused of a double standard regarding the implementation of the policies adopted to control the Covid-19 crisis in the country and promote the tourism industry.

Whereas political demonstrations without adherence to the requirements of safe distance are frequent in the country, the government still requires foreigners entering the country to stay in quarantine for seven days. It is noted that Pakistan, where lies the second highest peak of the world, has already removed the provision of quarantine for the mountaineers.

Therefore, tourism entrepreneurs fear international climbers will choose Pakistan instead of Nepal in the upcoming spring season if the government does not revise its protocol.

“Most of the complaints that we receive from travel agencies are about quarantine,” the Department of Tourism Director Mira Acharya says, “Many fear the mountaineers could deviate towards Pakistan this time.”

Nepal receives thousands of mountaineers every spring, but it did not see anyone last year due to the crisis. Therefore, the entrepreneurs want the government to relax some provisions for them, but the concerned government officials seem indecisive.

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Puri is a business correspondent at Onlinekhabar.

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