Govt to guarantee 100-day jobs for unemployed citizens

Kathmandu, May 27

The government is planning to announce a scheme to guarantee 100 days of employment for Nepali citizens during the annual budget speech.

According to government sources, the Prime Minister’s employment programme will be launched in Province 6 and 7. A total of 25 districts are to be covered under the first phase. The programme will then be rolled out to other areas.  “The programme is mainly targeted at Nepalis who go to India for seasonal jobs,” said the official.

Under the scheme, the government itself will look for a job for the unemployed. If it fails to give them 100 days of work, then it will provide an unemployment allowance, informed the official.

“The problem of lack of human resource still exists in various sectors including agriculture, industry, energy, and education among others. The government itself will employ the unemployed in these sectors while coordinating with different ministries and departments,” he stated.

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