Five reasons why Nepal’s BP Highway is a motorbiker’s paradise

Winter is one of the best times to go out on long drives on Nepal’s highways as the cloud cover over the Himalayas recedes and the clear blue skies can be seen during the day. The season is also well-suited for motorbikers to go on long rides, and the BP Highway that connects Kathmandu with Sindhuli and beyond is one of the best routes for the purpose.

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The views

Various points on the BP Highway provide great vantage points to look at the majestic mountains and admire their beauty. The snow-capped mountains look even better on starry nights.


The ride experience


The highway passes through many rivers, hills and valleys. All this provides for a great riding experience. The different terrain and the landscape make sure that you do not feel bored during the journey.


The rivers

The BP Highway’s various sections have ‘floodways’ that make riding exciting. If you are looking for some off-road experience, you could even try riding on the banks of the rivers.


The company

Riding your motorcycle with a group of friends is an experience to savour. If you have like-minded friends, the journey becomes more enjoyable.



The people

Meeting local people and listening to their stories is also an exciting part of the journey. There are numerous settlements along the highway where you can stop and chat with the locals.

The BP Highway is also a gateway to Patale in Solukbhumu district. Why is Patale worth visiting? Well, its the place where you get to see Everest in its full glory!

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