Over 7,500 tons of fertiliser at Birgunj dry port dumped to rot

File: A chemical fertiliser store
File: A chemical fertiliser store

Birgunj, January 24

Chemical fertiliser weighing 7,591 tons dumped at the Birgunj dry port for the past one and a half years has yet to be properly managed, thanks to negligence on the part of authorities.

Repeated calls to the ministries of finance and agriculture and livestock to manage the fertiliser have gone unheard, it has been said. A lack of coordination among the ministries and other concerned authorities has made the matter worse, says the customs office.

The fertiliser packed in sacks imported by the Salt Trading Corporation Limited (STC) and the Krishi Samagri Company Limited (KSCL) has been dumped at the Birgunj dry port under the open sky. As a result of sun and rain, it has been rotting.

The Delegated Legislation and Government Assurance Committee under the federal parliament time and again held discussions and directed secretaries of the ministries and office bearers of the STC and KSCL to take necessary measures in this regard, but to no avail so far, say officials of the customs office.

A decision was made a month back, according to which the Ministry of Finance would hand over the fertiliser to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, but no effective efforts are seen to be undertaken to that end in the meantime.

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