Efforts ‘underway’ to operate Nepal-Australia direct flights

Sydney Opera House. Photo: Flickr/Hai Linh Truong

Canberra, December 30

Efforts are underway to ensure a direct flight between Nepal and Australia, it has been said. A bilateral agreement to this was signed on October 2.

Around 150,000 Nepalis currently reside in Australia and in the absence of direct flight, the Nepalis and tourists leaving here for a Nepal visit are forced to endure several transit routes.

According to the data at Sydney Airport, the arrival of passengers from Kathmandu to Sydney has reached 121,260 so far this year, which is the largest number when it comes to those nations lacking a direct flight connection to Sydney. According to engineer Raju Adhikari, who has been working for an Australian civil aviation company, the service would be meaningful as people en route other destinations of Australia were expected to use this route if a direct flight was ensured.

Some local airlines have expressed interest in opening a direct flight to Kathmandu. Nepal Airlines, the national flag carrier of Nepal, has also conducted a feasibility study for a direct flight.


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