Covid-19 will make next elections costlier

File: Voters line up to cast their ballots in Sindhupalchok on November 26, 2017.

Kathmandu, December 27

If the House of Representatives elections as announced by the government happen on May 30 and April 10, 2021, they will be costlier than the ones held in 2017, it has been projected.

The constitutional body responsible to conduct the elections, the Election Commission, says the Covid-19 crisis will make the poll process more expensive.

Due to the crisis, the prices of various equipment and materials required for voting have increased. On the other hand, there should be various medical equipment ready for the polls, according to the commission.

“Because you need to maintain distance due to Covid-19 during the polls, and there should be various health equipment at vote stations, we will have extra cost,” the commission’s spokesperson Raj Kumar Shrestha says.

The commission has begun drafting a budget plan for the elections.

The commission had spent Rs 20 billion in total for provincial and federal parliamentary elections in 2017.

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