Court marriage procedure in Nepal: Everything you should know about

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Marriage is governed by the chapter on marriage in Civil Code 2017 (2074) in Nepal. Sections 67 to 84 incorporate all the provisions governing marriage.

This article will help you know a detailed process of marriage registration in Nepal, with a focus on what is commonly called the ‘court marriage’.

Requirements for a marriage

Section 70 of Civil Code 2017 has listed four conditions for a person to get married in Nepal:

  1. Both man and woman accept each other as wife and husband.
  2. If the couple is not related by blood, they cannot be punished for incest.
  3. If the man and woman are not already married.
  4. If both are above 20 years of age.

However, the law allows a marriage among the people belonging to a certain caste to get married to one’s relative if they culturally accept such practice.

Ways of marriage registration

The registration of marriage can be initiated through three ways:

  1. Marriage registration at a court (“Court marriage”)
  2. Marriage registration of couple who have already married through a social/religious ritual (Receiving the marriage certificate from the ward office)
  3. Marriage registration at an embassy or consulate office
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Required documents of court marriage

Any person willing to register their marriage shall submit an application to the concerned district court with the following documents:

  1. Duly filled and signed application form in the prescribed format;
  2. Original and notarised copy of citizenship certificate of applicants;
  3. Original and notarised copy of citizenship certificate of witness;
  4. Both applicants shall furnish recommendation letters issued from their local wards proving their unmarried or single status;
  5. Recommendation letters from local ward offices for temporary residence–This is required for both the applicants;
  6. 4 copies of passport size photo each; and
  7. Bank voucher equivalent to Rs 500 as a court fee

For any foreign citizen willing to conduct a court marriage in Nepal, the following documents shall be present, in addition:

  1. No objection letter from respective embassy or consulate to get married in Nepal. This shall be translated in Nepali and notarised by the notary public.
  2. The law relating to marriage in the concerned country. This act shall be translated in Nepali and notarised by the notary public.

Court marriage registration procedure

Step 1- Both applicants duly fill an application and sign in their respective presence.

Step 2- All the documents are verified by the court authority. After verification, the court registers the application and a day will be scheduled for an appointment.

Step 3- On the scheduled date, both the applicants shall be present in court along with their witnesses.

Step 4- If all the documentation is done properly and all the conditions set in the law are fulfilled, the judge will approve the marriage registration application and the court administration will issue a certificate of the same.

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