12 construction companies blacklisted for project delay

The construction for Nepal's first road tunnel is underway.
File: The construction of Nepal’s first road tunnel is underway.

Kathmandu, November 30

Twelve construction companies have been blacklisted for not completing development projects on time.

The Public Procurement Monitoring Office in a notice today banned the blacklisted companies from their involvement in public procurement for a definite timeframe.

The blacklisted companies include Bharat-Saptakoshi JV Kathmandu, Haigriwa-Siddhi Sai Prakash JV, Highway Construction Pvt Ltd, Bidhi Builders Pvt Ltd, Saibaba & Tara Construction, Anukul Nirman Sewa, Panchkhal Construction Pvt Ltd and Prabhu Nirmal Sewa.

The blacklisting period differs from company to company.

During the blacklisted period, the blacklisted construction companies cannot partake in the procurement process of public offices and agencies.

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