China praises Nepal’s decision to not join US-led SPP

Wang Wenbin - SPP
Wang Wenbin, Wang Wenbin, Deputy Director and spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry.

Kathmandu, June 24

China has praised Nepal for not joining the United States-led State Partnership Program (SPP).

Wang Wenbin, a deputy director and spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Information Department of China, praised Nepal’s decision to say out of the SPP.

“As Nepal’s friendly and close neighbour and strategic cooperative partner, China commends the Nepali government’s decision,” Wang said, adding that China would continue to support Nepal in upholding its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and support Nepal’s commitment to its independent and non-aligned foreign policy.

He said it was great that Nepal had opted out of the programme which many in the country believed was a part of a military strategy.

Since Nepal ratified the Millennium Challenge Corporation, China has not spoken about Nepal much.

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