8 best places that serve flavourful biryani in Kathmandu

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Biryani can taste special for those who are fond of eating rice, curry and lentils. This is a kind of food that includes various flavours on one single plate. 

The basic ingredients for biryani are rice, ghee, onions, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, cloves, and saffron. Then, according to your taste buds, you can even add meat and egg to it. 

Biryani is an Indian dish. It is believed that biryani was first introduced during the Mughal regime. Biryani is also very famous in Nepal and as a result, there are various restaurants dedicated to serving biryani in Kathmandu.

These eight are the best of our choice.  

1. Mughal Biryani House

Mughal Biryani House started its service seven years back and currently, it has three outlets located to serve biryani in Kathmandu: Lazimpat, Thamel and  Jhamsikhel. 

The biryani here is served in a copper pot. This place is popular for Hyderabadi, Parsi and Kashmiri biryanis. 

This place offers mutton, chicken, fish, prawn and vegetable biryani. Here, you can get 750 ml mutton biryani at Rs 675, chicken at Rs 555, prawn at 825, fish at 625 and veg at Rs 410. 

2. Haadi Biryani

Image: Haadi Biryani

Haadi Biryani has two outlets in Kathmandu: Dillibazar and Kumaripati. This restaurant serves Hyderabadi and Lucknowi biryani in Kathmandu in five variants: mutton, chicken, vegetable, prawn and egg.

The price depends upon the size of your plate. Mutton biryani prepared for one person costs Rs 400. Similarly, the prices of chicken, prawn, egg and veg biryani are Rs 350, Rs 400, Rs 350 and Rs 300, respectively. 

3. Chulha: Taste of Hyderabad 

Located in Bauddha, this is yet another famous place for biryani in Kathmandu. A special kind of Hyderabadi dum biryani is available here. This place also serves mutton, chicken, Chulha special boneless chicken and veg biryani variants.    

According to the owner, they import spices for the dish from India. The chef here has an experience of 17 years working in Hyderabad. 

The price ranges from Rs 450 to Rs 700. According to the orders, this place also serves fish and prawn biryanis.  

4. Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave

Photo: Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave
Photo: Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave

Located in Baluwatar, Biryani House and Sekuwa Cave was established four years ago. This place is most popular for Hyderabadi biryani. Additionally, it also offers chicken, mutton, egg and veg biryanis. 

Here, one serving of mutton biryani costs Rs 650. Likewise, chicken biryani costs Rs 495, egg biryani costs Rs 375 and veg biryani costs Rs 350. The place also has a home delivery service for the fans of biryani in Kathmandu.  

5. Bamboo Biryani 

Bamboo Biryani, located in Maitidevi, is also a popular place for biryani in Kathmandu. The biryani of this place tastes different because it is cooked in bamboo.  

Mutton biryani here costs Rs 500. Similarly, chicken and veg ones cost Rs 400 each. In Bhutan and Burma too, the food is cooked in bamboo and following a similar concept, Bamboo Biryani was established in Kathmandu two years ago. 

6. Biryani Adda 

Biryani Adda is another good place for biryani in Kathmandu. The place serves akabare, mutton, chicken, fish, prawn and veg biryanis. 

Likewise, the place serves Hyderabadi biryani in matka, a pot made of clay. A small-size plate of matka chicken biryani costs Rs 480, mutton and fish biryanis cost Rs 495 each, prawn biryani Rs 600 and veg biryani costs Rs 375. 

The ingredients and all other materials used for serving at all three outlets of Biryani Adda are made in Nepal. 

7. Biryani Angan 

Photo: Biryani Angan
Photo: Biryani Angan

You can get mutton, chicken and veg biryanis at Biryani Angan. The special dish of Biryani Angan is dum biryani Nepali fusion. Here, mutton biryani costs Rs 500, chicken biryani costs Rs 400 and veg biryani costs Rs 300.  Biryani Angan has been serving biryani in Kathmandu since five months ago.  

8. Biryani Moments 

Biryani Moments in Sankhamul is yet another popular place for biryani in Kathmandu. It has recently opened a new outlet in Narayangadh.  

The price of Hyderabadi biryani at this place costs Rs 715 whereas chicken biryani costs Rs 475 and veg biryani costs Rs 399.  

This story was translated from the original Nepali version and edited for clarity and length.

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