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Nepal Rastra Bank NRB
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Kathmandu, March 23

The central bank of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, has published the annual bank holiday calendar for 2080 BS (April 14, 2023-April 12, 2024).

The NRB bank holiday notice follows the government’s decision to open essential service-providing institutions and organisations including banks on certain public holidays announced by the government.

According to the NRB notice, here is the list of the bank holidays when banks in Nepal will not be operational. On the dates marked with *, partial banking services including cash transactions will be available.

1New YearApril 14, 2023
2Labour DayMay 1, 2023
3Buddha Jayanti/Ubhauli/Chandi Purnima*May 5, 2023
4Republic Day*May 29, 2023
5Gaura Parva (Only for the region or culture celebrating the festival)August 24, 2023
6Raksha Bandhan/Gai Jatra*August 31, 2023
7Krishna Janmashtami*September 6, 2023
8Tij (Only for women)September 18, 2023
9Constitution DaySeptember 20, 2023
10Indra Jatra* (Only in the Kathmandu valley)September 28, 2023
11Jitiya Parva (Only for women celebrating the festival)October 7, 2023
12Ghatasthapana*October 15, 2023
13Dashain (Phulpati-Dwadashi)October 21-26, 2023
14Phalgunanda Jayanti (Only for the followers of Kirat religion)November 11, 2023
15Tihar November 12-16, 2023
16ChhathNovember 19, 2023
17Guru Nanak Jayanti (Only for the Sikhs)November 27, 2023
18International Disability Day (Only for the staff with disabilities)December 3, 2023
19Christmas* December 25, 2023
20Udhauli/Yomari Punhi/Jyapu Diwas* December 26, 2023
21Tamu Lhosar*December 31, 2023
22Prithvi Jayanti/National Unity Day*January 12, 2024
23Maghi/Maghe Sankranti*January 15, 2024
24Sonam Lhosar*February 10, 2024
25People’s War Day*February 13, 2024
26Democracy Day*February 19, 2024
27Mahashivaratri/Women’s Day*March 8, 2024
28Gyalpo Lhosar*March 11, 2024
29Phagu PurnimaMarch 24, 2024 (Hilly and mountainous districts)
March 25, 2024 (Plain districts)
30Ghodejatra* (Only in the Kathmandu valley)April 8, 2024
31Machhindranath Bhoto Jatra* (Only in the Kathmandu valley)Date to be announced by the government
32Eid al-Fitr* Date to be announced by the government
33Bakra Eid/Eid al-Adha*Date to be announced by the government
34Siruwa Pawani (Only in Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Siraha and Saptari)Date to be announced by the government
35Mohammad Jayanti (Only for the Muslims)Date to be announced by the government

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