Arun Kumar Chaudhary, Nagarik Unmukti lawmaker, was a fugitive, may get arrested anytime

Lawmaker Arun Kumar Chaudhary
Lawmaker Arun Kumar Chaudhary

Kathmandu, January 31

Nagarik Unmukti Party lawmaker Arun Kumar Chaudhary has been found to be a fugitive who has yet to serve a six-month jail sentence ordered by the Kailali District Court.

It has been found that the court some 13 years ago convicted the lawmaker, Parshuram Chaudhary, and Bir Bahadur Chaudhary of setting a tractor on fire. Besides the jail sentence, they were ordered to pay Rs 875,000 in fines.

Experts say they could be arrested anytime to implement the verdict in such a case.

After one of the convicts, Bir Bahadur Chaudhary was arrested on Friday, it was found that lawmaker Chaudhary was also involved in the case.

Chaudhary was elected in the House of Representatives to represent Kailali 2 in the general elections held in November 2022.

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