1xBet agent involved in online gambling used others’ citizenship without consent


Kathmandu, July 6

Agent Dinesh Khadka, who was arrested on the charge of his involvement in online gambling through 1xBet, has been found using the citizenship certificates of people without their consent.

During the investigation, the police discovered that Khadka had conducted transactions exceeding Rs 310 million through 1xBet.

Dinesh Khadka had opened 42 bank accounts using the citizenship certificate of some persons without their consent and deposited Rs 313 million illegally.

According to the spokesperson at the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, SP Rabindra Regmi, Khadka had misused a digital device to transfer the aforementioned amount to other bank accounts.

Khadka has been sent to Teku-based District Police Range for necessary action after two victims filed FIR against him at the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, added Regmi.

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