It’s love that counts: Why life and death of captive animals moves these zookeepers?

Maiya Kapali does not remember anything more heart-wrenching than the demise of five-year-old Simba, a leopard raised at Nepal’s Central Zoo in Kathmandu, around a year ago. Kapali does not know what exactly killed her, but she remembers the female cat was not in good health for around three years. “I had to take care […]

Mr Jholay: Subtle and satirical attack on caste system in Nepal

Many Nepali directors and actors, these days, have been working hard to make movies that not only entertain but also educate the audience. After Dipendra Khanal’s Jholay, which depicted the reality of the lower-middle class, received a warm response from the audience, Ram Babu Gurung has come up with an equally entertaining Mister Jholay starting […]