Sharma is an international boundary expert and survey engineer who worked as a UN consultant for the international border demarcation between Nigeria and Cameroon from 2007 to 2019.

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What is Kalapani dispute? What is its best solution? Who is responsible?

Problem Although Nepal is the only nation-state in South Asia that has not come under any colonial rule, it is beset with the sad legacy left by the British East India Company. Nepal fought the Kalinga War (or the Nalapani War) with such courage and valour that the victorious British in honour of the enemy […]

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  • Shanker Raj Pathak says: | May 23 2020 12:03pm

    1. In Kalapani dispute, the course of river can still be trusted most as there is no sigificant shifting of the river unlike in Susta.

    2. The origin of Kali river is Limpiyadhura which can be verified by any wayershed/ river expert (unlike the claim of India labeling Lipulek river as Kali river which originated from Lipulek).

    3. The document of Sugauli Sandhi clearly mentions that these are the land of Nepal (a thorough study of the document needed).

    4. A map made by British Surveyor in 1856 shows clearly the Kali river and its course which clearly points the origin of the river Kali as Limpiadhura.

    5. Recently in an interview, Mr. Nava Raj Subedi, age 82, the then active politician who had became speaker of parliament of Nepal has mentioned that 5 points treaty was made in 1963 with China where China has agreed that Limpiadhura, Lipulek, Kalapani are the lands of Nepal (this document need to be acquired/collected). Also, he has stressed that Mahakali river (Kali river is part of it) totally belongs to Nepal, which is mentioned in Sugauli Sandhi document.

    6. Gunji, Navi and Kuti are the three settlements at the bank of Kali river (at the left bank of river, easatern side from river in Nepal’s land) where census 2018 was carried out by Mr. Bhairab Risal (this document can be produced as proof during the meeting in future), also the government receipt which shows tax paid by these houselds (HH) to Nepal government is another proof (got to be careful that households from these settlements may have taken ration card now from Indian government).

    7. Hope the honorable concerned Minister must have collected all these documents during her homework/exercise prior to getting it through the Nepal government.


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