5 tips to help you maintain your bike during Nepal lockdown

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With the world fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens in most districts of Nepal are going through a lockdown or a prohibitory order as a safety measure. Hopefully, their contribution to staying home will be successful in reducing the number of infections and controlling the virus.

But, while you are inside your home taking care of each other, there is something else that needs your attention as well; that is your vehicle.

As you cannot use your bike during the lockdown, you need to be extra cautious about the maintenance and cleanliness of your vehicle. This will ensure that your vehicle will be in the top condition to drive again when the lockdown ends.

Listed below are some of the tips on how to maintain your bike during the lockdown.

1. Keep it covered

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Keeping your vehicle covered always protects the paint and chrome from harmful rays of the sun. It also protects your bike from all the dust. Also, since your bike is not used for a long period, make sure the parking spot is a good one. An area that is not directly exposed to the sun is always highly recommended.

2. Clean the bike regularly

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When the bike is not used for a long period, It can lead to the bike collecting dirt and dust which can affect the performance of the bike later. In order to avoid this, make sure to put an effort to clean your bike regularly. Using the double stand is recommended while cleaning as it will be easier for you to clean all the parts. Also using a sponge and the right shampoo ensures that the body of your bike gets fair treatment and does not lose its shine.

3. Ensure proper lubrication    

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Lubricating the parts of your bike is very important for proper maintenance. The springs, cables and chain of the bike should be lubricated at least once a week so that the bike will perform smoothly when you ride it again.

4. Park it using the double stand

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This may not seem a big deal, but parking your bike using the double stand instead of the side stand will ensure your bike to be in a tiptop shape. When the bike is parked using the side stand for a long time, the bike will be in a slanting position and that can put a lot of pressure on the tyres. By using the double stand, you not only ensure that the pressure stays off the tyres but also make sure that engine oil is not stranded to only one side.

5. Check the status of the battery

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The battery in your bike loses charges easily. So, it would be wise to disconnect the battery as you do not be able to use it during the lockdown. However, if you do not want to disconnect the battery, make sure you start your bike and let it idle for about 15-20 minutes once or twice every week. Doing this also ensures your engine will get enough heat to perform smoothly and effectively after the lockdown.

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