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Life is filled with surprises and unexpected events and it can change at any moment. The only thing certain in life is the uncertainty. Change is a natural and inevitable part of our lives, and it may be positive as well as negative.

Even though it is not guaranteed that we will wake up in the morning, we set the alarm every night with the hope that we will wake up in the morning. We do not know what each day is going to bring us, but we may have varieties, adventures, and endless opportunities.

The push to explore

The uncertainty sometimes forces us to explore those aspects of life, we never knew existed or needed. It also tests the mental strength of people and how they deal with it. The uncertainty has taught me to be grateful, as we never know what life throws at us.

In life, everything does not go according to our plans, and if we do not embrace the change we will face huge trouble. The Covid-19 pandemic is the best example of uncertainty, we were constantly fearing death and it was uncertain that we would see the sunrise the next day.

It is not certain that every decision in life will be correct, but if you fear not trying at all, you miss endless opportunities for learning and growing. When our decisions or outcomes are on the negative side, we get depressed and we might tend to think about committing suicide, but we forget that if we have life we have endless opportunities.

Most of us plan for our careers, our love life, etc. and when those plans do not work out we start getting uncomfortable. But if we can deal with today, we can surely deal with tomorrow. We need to cherish little moments in our lives and know that nothing is permanent not even the failures and setbacks.

We come here with nothing and leave with nothing. So why should we hold the egos and grudges against each other? Instead of making our life meaningful and enjoying the journey of life, we get into puzzles of accumulating wealth and we go against our own loved ones for it.

Change is certain

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Nothing is permanent in life, everything can change in fractions of seconds. In today’s society, everyone is so busy, that we people have so less time for our loved ones. What I have learned over the years, is to find time in our busy schedule for our family because we never know when it will be our last day together with them.

Yes! Death is a natural process, so if you have to die someday, why should you die with grudges in your heart? But instead of worrying about the inevitable, focusing on the things you can control will bring a lot of happiness in life.

Uncertainty is not only a negative thing; it also brings a lot of opportunity because you dare to change. The life-changing experience will not come knocking down your door, you need to expose yourself. We learn by doing and experimenting, even though we might fail. But that is not the end of the world. I still remember hesitating while applying for the role of leadership, at my school level as it was not certain that I would be chosen.

Even after being selected, I was uncertain about whether I could fulfil my responsibilities or not. But that uncertainty helped me grow out of my comfort zone and give my best input. If I had not applied for that role just because I was uncertain of the outcome, I would miss the biggest learning opportunity in my school life. So, do not let the uncertainty or the unknown ever stop you from trying and no matter how much we try, to plan life always finds a way to surprise us.

It is important to stay grounded when we have everything we wish for because life can take such a turn that we had never expected in our wildest dreams. Similarly, nothing is permanent in life, the financial hardships, the grades, the breakups, etc. But the most important thing is not to lose hope during those difficult times.

According to the data provided by Nepal police, around 6,830 people took their lives in the fiscal year 2022/23. There is nothing in life that cannot be resolved although it may take time, committing suicide should not be an option. It’s important to share feelings among family members or loved ones because together as a family any problem can be overcome.

Embrace the unknown and focus on enhancing your life, instead of worrying about what will happen next. Always find time for your loved ones, as life is uncertain. We should be grateful that we are alive and accept that change is the only constant thing in life. Do not let the unknown, stop you from trying or achieving your goals and always remember that even if you fail, you still have endless opportunities.

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Shrestha is a student at Kathmandu University School of Management.

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