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Angling the water tigers: A breakthrough in adventure tourism

“There he stood, the Mahseer of the Poonch, beside whom the Tarpon is a herring and he who catches him can say he is a fisherman.” Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book, 1894). Virtually, cut off from the rest of the world until the 1950s, Nepal saw the dawn of tourism after an intrepid duo set foot […]

The Himalayan gamefish that rewrote history

Smashed rods, mangled hooks, broken lines and shattered reels are not uncommon, particularly if the angler fails to handle the big mahseer that decides to dash for the nearest rapid. And you are just left wondering how the hell that happened! An angler once equated grappling the big ‘beast’ with a 10-round bout with no […]

In search for the ‘water tiger’ in eastern Nepal

Our team finally arrived at Mai Beni after a five hours hike. The last stretch included a stiff climb on a steep hill with a scary knife’s edge trail hardly a foot wide with Sun Koshi on one side and Arun to the other. In all honesty, with no head for heights, I literally crawled […]

Fishing for a cause in Roshi: How we saw a river depleted, degraded and violated

Fishing has always been an abiding passion for me. So, I jumped at the idea of a fishing trip (some seven years back) to Roshi Khola (river) when my teammates planned it. It was, however, a different kind of fishing–electro-fishing to be more exact. And it was more a mission than a fun trip. Electro-fishing […]

At Koshi Tappu: Experiencing animals’ fear of humans firsthand

  “Because we invade their natural habitat and kill them. Because for sport, we kill them. Because we have gun power, we kill them. Basically, we kill for fun. For money. For greed. All animals ever do, is kill if they need.”         —Mohona Mukherjee The lives of humans and animals have […]