Surkhet college announces scholarship for cycling students

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Surkhet, February 26

In its bid to promote fitness among the students and encourage eco-friendly living, a college in Birendranagar of Surkhet, the provincial capital of Karnali, has announced a scholarship for the students who commute from home to the college on a cycle every day.

Upendra Subedi, the Siddhapaila Campus Chief, says the cyclists get a 25 per cent waiver on their monthly tuition fees at the college.

“We have launched this campaign to make the students physically and psychologically fit and reduce the level of pollution,” Subedi says, “Hopefully, the general public will also learn from our students.”

He also hopes it will help the students save their expenses for fuel.

There are around 450 students at the college, but only around one per cent commute on cycles so far.

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