Stock market rises after 4 days, business slumps


Kathmandu, March 26

The stock market saw some improvement on Tuesday after a decline over the past four trading days. Compared to the previous day, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has risen by 10.14 points, reaching 2041 points. However, despite the increase in points, trading volume has decreased. While the trading volume was Rs 2.48 billion the previous day, it dropped to Rs 2.35 billion today.

Out of a total of 168 companies, the prices of 68 increased while 10 remained stable. In terms of sectors, production saw the highest increase by 2.11 per cent collectively. Hydropower groups also rose by 1.58 per cent. Banking increased by 0.49 per cent, development banks by 2.0 per cent, hotels and tourism by 2.4 per cent, hydropower by 3.9 per cent, production by 14.5 per cent, microfinance by 1.6 per cent, non-life insurance by 2.0 per cent, and other groups by 1.9 per cent. However, trading decreased by 4 per cent, life insurance by 1.9 per cent, and finance groups by 1 per cent.

Dolti Power and Sarbottam Cement saw a 10 per cent increase in their prices. Sarbottam’s price per unit reached Rs 895.10 by the fifth trading day. Similarly, Bijaya Cement saw a 9.4 per cent increase, Peoples Power by 7.7 per cent, and Three Star Hydro by 6.7 per cent. However, Dhaulagiri Microfinance, Bhagwati Hydro Power, and Manushi Microfinance saw a decrease of 9.3 per cent, 4.7 per cent, and 3 per cent respectively.

Based on trading volume, Shivam Cement, Sonapur Cement, Joshi Hydropower, Gorkha Finance, and Himalayan Reinsurance Company remained the top five companies.

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